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Choosing Childcare – A Tough Decision

It is back to school time and some of you will be perhaps looking for a nursery for your child/children.

It can be distressing for both parties to let your child go and wave them off into the care of someone else.

It’s Women’s Business has spoken to Dawn Ellis of Homestart who has kindly offered some guidance as to what you should look for when choosing the right childcare for your loved ones:-

Dawn stated “When it came to sorting out childcare for my two children I felt there was 101 things I had to check.  But I cut it down to the following:-

1) Cost.

2) Flexibility on drop off and pick up times.

3) Which school they are willing to take and collect the children from.

4) If they were able to take my younger child to Toddler Group, Play Group and Story time at the Library during the day.

5) If meals are included and snacks.

6) Type of development play they engaged in with both my younger and older child.

7) Fully CRB checked and references from other parents.

8) Nap time area.

9) Procedure for unacceptable (naughty) behavior i.e. thinking step.

10) Trips and outings.


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