The Hard Facts

Time was when you started work at 16, worked till State Retirement age and finally retired to live happily on your pension.  Now we are all living longer and retirement is more complicated.  Many people are considering working past retirement age: some because they want to, some because they have to.

  • A common question is ‘Do I have to take my retirement income all at once?’ 

Well it’s entirely up to you.  You may wish to take the tax-free cash and delay taking income or you may wish to take just a portion of the available income.  There are now over 10 options for today’s retiree! Make sure you know what these are before making any decisions

  • In today’s retirement market, 9 out of 10 people buy a lifetime annuity from their existing pension provider without exploring their “Open Market Option’ and miss increasing their increasing their income by up to 40%
  • In April 2010 the minimum pension age rose to 55 years and State Pension for Women is    moving from age 60yrs to 65yrs in 2020 – do you know your entitlement to State Pension?

    • If you think you will be affected by these changes, or wish to discuss how on track your pension is, please contact Shirley Skeels for a free initial consultation   

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