Welcome to It’s Women’s Business Club


New Premier Plus Membership Now available Only £5 per month/£60 per year see website to join or email:diane@marathon-media.co.uk

Welcome to the It’s Women’s Business Club Information site, now celebrating over 300 members.

What is It’s Women’s Business Club?

With over 300 members we are a group of dynamic & ambitious local business ladies involved in a friendly club that not only celebrates women in business but offers the support, guidance, motivation & inspiration to develop & grow their business or progress within their chosen career.

The Vision for It’s Women’s Business

To offer a business association where we can work closer together with a clear understanding of the barriers many of us have to overcome or the pressures put on us by our every day responsibilities not only in business but in our personal lives. We believe in a totally holistic approach to supporting our ‘IWB’ members.

Who am I?

I am Diane Carter, the Founder & Chair of It’s Women’s Business. I am an ordinary business lady who shares the day to day challenges you face related to business, family, personal and financial demands placed upon our lives. I simply set up the Club also recognising many ladies work from home in isolation and would love the opportunity to network both at events and using social media. Feel part of a ‘working team’  with It’s Women’s Business. 


Premier Plus membership

Join today and receive benefits worth over £500

PLUS join by the 6th November 12 and attend our Red Carpet Exhibition for FREE

Visit www.itswomensbusiness.co.uk for more details of all the fabulous benefits

Or choose our FREE Premier Subscription Membership to receive  your FREE copy of It’s Women’s Business direct to your business place. Email:diane@marathon-media.co.uk

Advertising and Sponsorship

Great advertising opportunities from as little as £25 per edition. Email: sales@marathon-media.co.uk for details

News and Information

If you believe you have a success story to share and inspire our readers please send me the details.

I hope you enjoy our information site and we would love you to join our vibrant and proactive Nottinghamshire’s Leading Ladies Business Club

Diane Carter

Chair & Founder

 T: 01623 795623      M:07916 245 367


Follow us on Twitter at @itswomensbusiness

See our new face book page .http://www.facebook.com/#!/diane.carter.3591

Join our IWB social discussion group on linked in. Email: diane@marathon-marketing.co.uk


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